What We’ve Learned From Our Members

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Member Spotlight

One of the most consistent requests we receive is to share more about our members from across the country. This time last year, we had our first call for responses to be featured, thinking it would be a few posts over the summer. The response from members has far exceeded our expectations with 47 Member Spotlights over the last 52 weeks. Thank you, members!

Member Spotlight Highlights

As we look back on the last year, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite responses – interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

Here’s a list of some highlights:

Many people don’t know the problems they have; they don’t know what they don’t know! – Read more with Robert Houle

I feel a shift to more consumer choice is going to be crucial to help organizations meet the needs of potentially 5 generations in their workforce and continue to help them utilize their benefits/retirement plans to help attract/retain top talent. – Read more with Keaton Turkiewicz

I have learned to never overestimate a person’s knowledge of the industry (no matter how high up the ladder they are). Educate employers and employees with simplicity.  – Read more with Anusa Sundararasa

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in business to date is that a profit is not a profit until it’s in your pocket. Don’t count your chickens until they hatch. – Read more with Amar Munjal

Deliver on what you say you are going to do. Relationships are critical and your word is your word. – Read more with Christine Macdonald

I have always worked in the Indigenous Wellness space and CapriCMW provided me with the opportunity to continue to do what I love – Working to improve the health and wellness of Indigenous People. Its soul nourishing remarkable work. – Read more with Buffy Mills

The one thing that will never change in our industry is the people who expect us to have their best interests at the forefront. – Read more with Brenda Mullen

As a consultant, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to make sure you completely understand the client’s problem before considering a solution. This may sound simplistic, but it’s very tempting to offer a client a solution that may have worked in the past with another client. Having the discipline to listen to each client’s unique needs and then providing a customized solution is what brings true value to the table. You have to do the work. – Read more with Rahim Peera

I am very optimistic for the future of our industry and hopeful it will continue to adapt to a prevention first mindset as new technologies are introduced and embraced including pharmacogenetic testing, virtual health care and brain-healthy tools to name a few. – Read more with Jason Julian

The times of traditional benefits plans are no longer. Each new generation is challenging how we all see benefits. – Read more with Carolyn Begin

The scope of “employee benefits” is much broader than what is traditionally provided by group insurance companies and there is an ever-growing number of vendors providing employee benefit perks and solutions. – Read more with Andrea Hansen

Something that I’ve learned / realized in the business so far is to not close any doors prematurely. Its never too late to learn a new skill, put yourself out there in a new way, or make different connections. – Read more with Marcus Crossdale

Listen to the needs of your client and take the time to research the best solution. If a solution does not exist, create one. – Read more with Conor Ryan

Deliver value and not just a good price today. If you sell only on price, you can lose on price, too. – Read more with Darren Radies

Be authentic and be yourself.  Trying to contour to what you think the client or prospect will like doesn’t always end well.  I’ve learned that I’m more comfortable and successful when I am myself and work with like-minded individuals.  – Read more with Carly Winch

We need insurers and insurers need us (advisors) to best serve our clients. Engagement makes us both better. – Read more with Steve Hesketh

We have 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason.  Too often people want to tell someone everything they know, but what does the consumer want?  Listen first. – Read more with Rob Green

Telling real stories has the greatest impact compared to just numbers.  We all have many real stories. – Read more with Bill Zolis

The success or failure of an employer’s plan is tied directly to who they choose to work with as their advisor. – Read more with Chantell Arsenault

Product shelf and technology are not unique differentiators. By focusing on one simple question – how will this help the client? You will be successful. – Read more with Gord Hart

Beyond the Business

We heard two great stories in the past year about our member firms and what they are doing in their community – Capcorp’s Fill the Foyer and Fairfield Watson’s participation with 5 for Humanity. We would love to showcase what more of our firms are doing beyond their business.

Our favourite question to ask (and read the answers) is, “What is something that people might not know about you?” There is so much more to our members than just their business. We all know we have a passionate group of advisors but we were pleasantly surprised to hear about some of their more unique attributes.

Here are a few:

We appreciate everyone who has participated, shared posts on LinkedIn, liked and commented. The Member Spotlight will continue to showcase our members throughout the country.


The Benefits Alliance Member Spotlight showcases our members across Canada who provide custom solutions for their client’s Employee Benefits and Group Retirement.