Member Spotlight: Carly Winch

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Benefits Alliance Member, Member Spotlight, Winch Group

This week we get to know Carly Winch of The Winch Group. For more information about The Winch Group, head over to their website.

What inspired you to join the benefits industry? 

I’ve grown up being exposed to the benefits industry through my father, Gary Winch.  Working in the insurance industry was always in the back of my mind but it wasn’t until the end of my five years in the accounting sector that I realized I really wanted to make the move.  I’ve spent the last four and a half years “drinking water through a fire hydrant” learning the ins and outs of the insurance industry. 

Who is your mentor? 

I don’t have one specific mentor.  However, as a “second-generator” Advisor, I would be remised if I didn’t shout out my Dad for all of the time and guidance he has provided me over the years.  I’ve been fortunate to land in a role that has provided me access and exposure to many Advisors that have been in the business for decades.  I spent and continue to spend time shadowing and working with Advisors that have provided be guidance and extensive knowledge on the industry, products, sales tactics, etc.  I’ve taken aspects of each practice and applied them to my own clients. 

What is something that people do not know about you?   

I have a slight obsession with the Toronto Blue Jays.  I love all sports but there is something about the Jays that gets me very excited!  Hoping for big things next season (said every Toronto sports fan ever).   

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in the business to date? 

Be authentic and be yourself.  Trying to contour to what you think the client or prospect will like doesn’t always end well.  I’ve learned that I’m more comfortable and successful when I am myself and work with like-minded individuals.  

Do you have insights about the industry that you would like to share?

Thoughts about the future of our Industry?  I’ve already experienced so many changes in the insurance industry since I began my career.  The pandemic has accelerated the need for technology, flexibility, and attractive benefits plans.  As Advisors, it is important we are providing new and innovative strategies to our clients to ensure they make the right decisions for their company and employees.


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