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Disability Management

Homewood Health
Our Disability Management and Complex Care Services help employees regain health from physical illness, mental illness, and addiction through early intervention and case management. Committed to helping employees achieve the best possible return to work and recovery outcomes, our biopsychosocial case management framework provides the expertise needed for successful return to work and reintegration into the workplace. Reduce the number of STD and LTD cases, shorten absence durations, reduce total disability costs, and maintain a productive workforce. and

Employee Assistance Plans (EFAP)

Pairs each client in need with a Nurse Care Specialist who handles the intake, case management, follow-up and all healthcare system navigation during and after the consultation.
TELUS Health
Digital, mobile-first experience to increase plan member awareness and utilization.
Homewood Health
Employees select their preferred care approach – in-person, virtual, phone or blended experience. Digital offering allows for fast and convenient access to Life Smart Coaching, Counselling, and Support at anytime for a wide range of presenting concerns. Enhanced employee experience and outcomes with maximum choice, advanced technology, delivered by Canada’s leader in workplace mental health. and
Secure virtual counselling, personalized therapist matching services and digital-first employee wellness programs.

Mental Health

Mood Disorders Society of Canada
Information on depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction; support and advocacy during COVID-19
Canadian Mental Health Association
Provides advocacy, programs and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Mental Health First Aid, The Working Mind: training for managers and staff
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Resources for coping with stress and anxiety; loss, grief and healing; stigma and prejudice; quarantine and isolation; in-patient treatment
EHN Canada
EHN's network of recovery centres offers medically excellent mental health treatment from coast to coast, covering a wide range of needs, from outpatient therapy to short-term detox stays and multi-month treatment for mental health and substance use disorders
Homewood Health
Virtual, in-person, digital access to care from preventative resources to clinical assessment, outpatient and inpatient treatment. Nationally recognized and accredited. Our physician-led, medically-based inpatient treatment facilities offer specialized programs and extensive services with dedicated care teams. We treat a wide range of mental health issues including trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and concurrent disorders (co-occurring mental health and addiction issues).

Meditation & Mindfulness

Ten Percent Happier app (free and paid versions)
A user-friendly app solely dedicated to mindfulness and meditation. The Ten Percent Happier app helps users build a foundation for their meditation practice and learn about ways to improve sleep.
Calm app (free and paid versions)
Offers a range of services including meditation, music, mindful movement, audio programs to learn about wellness concepts, and scenic backgrounds all geared toward improving relaxation, focus, and sleep.
Balance app (free for the first year)
Balance is your personal meditation coach. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences. Using an audio library of thousands of files, Balance assembles a daily meditation that's perfect for you. The more you share over time, the more personalized and effective your meditations become. Great for beginners! ​
Headversity (excellent for the workplace)
A workforce upskilling platform for mental health and resilience. Our preventative solution is helping employers around the world build a psychologically safe work culture and get their workforce ahead of adversity.
Flow (for individuals and businesses)
A leading app for video guided meditation in authentic nature. Flow helps you release stress, let go of physical and mental tension, as well as boost your ability to focus and think positively through guided meditation.

Additional Resources

Heads Up Guys (free)
Anonymous resource specifically designed for men, and their families, to prevent the continued erosion of men’s mental health and deaths by suicide.
Oculus Quest (VR Headset)
Tripp app offering clinically validated, measurable XR and mobile experiences designed for mind-body health.
Brain MD
Dr. Daniel Amen's BrainMD free brain health assessment
The DNA Company
11 mood and behavior reports from a simple saliva test. This DNA test covers 6 core systems such as Immunity, Hormones, Diet & Nutrition, Sleep, Cardiovascular and Mood/Behavior to provide you with your unique instruction/operating manual for your whole health. Recommendations are actionable.
Inagene (article)
Understanding the role of Pharmacogenetics

Virtual Health

Feeling Better Now
Early intervention; online mental health assessment and personalized action plan.
Fully digital wellness solution including EFAP, Virtual Care, Pharmacy, Legal, Financial. Unique enhanced stress management service for longer term care. Aligned with both Canada Life and Sunlife.
TELUS Virtual Care
Industry leader in digital wellness solution. Core EFAP “Life Journey” with option for virtual care and pharmacy. Coordinates with BC Health for shared medical records in BC Seamless navigation on their application from EFAP, Pharmacy and Virtual Care. October 1, 2022 implementing EFAP “in person” counselling in coordination with Lifeworks.
Secure virtual counselling, personalized therapist matching services and digital-first employee wellness programs.