Member Spotlight: Gord Hart

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Benefits Alliance Member, Business Owners, Member Spotlight, Selectpath

This week we get to know Gord Hart and his firm, Selectpath. Learn more about Selectpath by visiting their website.

Where does your firm operate?

Selectpath is licensed and operates in every jurisdiction across Canada except for Quebec. We currently have offices in London ON, Sarnia ON, Toronto ON, Halifax NS, and Saint John NB

How did you enter the industry?

As a recent graduate of Western University in 1993, we were in a recession and my opportunities to work in Finance were limited at the time. I took meetings with London Life and Sun Life, and chose the Sun Life opportunity to stay close to my now wife as she finished up her degree. By the time my spouse graduated, I had already built a viable practice focusing on benefits so we stayed in London and the rest is history.

What makes your firm different?

Selectpath has the scale and ability to compete with global consulting firms while continuing our tradition of being an advisor-led firm. This combination means that we can serve a broad cross-section of the market without losing our number one focus – client care. Also while many businesses talk about client satisfaction and staff engagement, we actually measure it and these results are two key performance indicators for our organization.

What is something that people do not know about you?

As the President and CEO of an organization with more than 100 staff members serving more than 2,000 clients and 5,000 households is challenging and rewarding, but the satisfaction of helping people and businesses achieve their success is my greatest joy.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in the business?

Your knowledge and experience are what your clients value. Product shelf and technology are not unique differentiators. By focusing on one simple question – how will this help the client? You will be successful.

What are you hoping to do with The Benefits Alliance Group?

The Benefits Alliance Group gives our firm additional leverage to move the needle on advocacy within the industry as well as acting as a sounding board on innovations we are working on. Being part of a network of independent specialists provides insights that would otherwise be unavailable due to the competitive nature of our industry.

Do you have insights about the industry that you would like to share? Thoughts about the future of our Industry?

The pace of change in the industry has been incredible over the last 5-10 years. A relatively quiet business has woken up to become increasingly relevant and valuable as individuals and organizations look to attract, retain, engage, support, and reward their most important asset – their people. Success will come to individuals and organizations who can play the role of facilitation, advocacy, mitigation of risk, and education of the client and plan members. One trick pony’s focusing on cost alone, pushing more product(s), or trying to out-maneuver the product manufacturers will fall by the wayside.

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