BA Spotlight: Mike Macoun

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Benefits Alliance Member, Employee Benefits, Member Spotlight

We’ve spent time this year featuring our members from across the country and as we’re heading into our Fall Conference, this week we’re doing something different. Benefits Alliance President, Mike Macoun is this week’s spotlight!

Where is the Benefits Alliance located?

The Benefits Alliance Group is based in the Greater Toronto Area and supports advisors from across the Country.

How did you enter the industry?

Like many of us in the industry, I am a second-generation advisor. The career path of insurance and more specifically, group benefits was always a thought in my mind. It really wasn’t until my final year at Wilfrid Laurier where I took BU483 which was a course on life & health insurance. I really enjoyed the course and helped motivate me to look for a career in this field. After completing a Masters Degree at Queens, I was able to start my career at Canada Life in their group underwriting department. I was able to learn the fundamentals of our industry and truly helped prepare me for my role as an advisor.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in the business?

Relationships are key!!! The group benefits industry is small and mighty. Look at the BA membership— we have members who have known one another for 40+ years. It’s important for all of us to continue to maintain these vital relationships and to treat one another with respect. As an advisor, clients want to work with someone they can trust regardless of what firm they work for. I am always amazed by the advisors at the BA who continue to do right by their clients and build that foundation of trust.

What are you hoping to do with The Benefits Alliance Group?

I believe that my role at the BA is to help support and advocate on behalf of our advisors. Our shareholders and their respective organizations are incredibly important to ensure that employers across Canada have appropriate benefits coverage and savings programs to help attract and retain their talent. I truly believe in the role that the advisor plays in our market and will do my utmost to help elevate the level of standards in our industry and help communicate their message.

What is something that people may not know about you?  

I am an avid fan of all things Toronto sports. The Raptors Championship Run of 2019 was an amazing time to be in the city of Toronto. Hoping that the Leafs can finally make it out of the first round this year….

Do you have insights about the industry that you would like to share?

During my short time at the BA, I have had the opportunity to learn from advisors across the country. I see this as an absolute privilege and an opportunity that I do not take lightly.

Our industry is going through a period of change that has never been seen. We are experiencing consolidation through the advisor market as well as from our carrier partners and record keepers. Organizations are offering innovative solutions for plan members which did not exist 5+ years ago. Advisors must continue to move with the pace of this change but continue to consider the following: Advice is Key.

We have a new generation of advisors who are looking to learn and grow. Let’s work hard to embrace their skillset and talents and help support them into future leaders within our industry.

Thanks for reading, next week we’ll be back to our Member Spotlight Format. To all of our members and preferred partners, enjoy the 2021 Virtual Fall Conferece: Pivot and Adapt

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