Using Data to Modernize Employee Benefits Plans

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Benefits Alliance Voice

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BA Voice Episode 009:

In this episode of the Benefits Alliance Voice, Carolyne Eagan and Rob Green sit down with Sunil Hirjee of Beneva to discuss the evolution of benefits programs and how data can shape a better-suited plan for each organization.


  • Sunil Hirjee, Vice President, Group Sales and Client Experience, Beneva

Topics Covered:

  • Sunil’s background and how it gives him a different perspective on Employee Benefits.
  • The survey feedback and data that Beneva is looking at to be better informed and provide better plan design.
  • The gaps in coverage and the misunderstandings of many Canadians with their coverage, both from a public and employer-sponsored plan.
  • The benefits of plan member education to get the most out of their benefits and better manage costs.
  • How the inclusion of an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) gives flexibility for employees.