National Employee Benefits Day

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Employee Benefits

Each year in April, National Employee Benefits Day recognizes those who contribute to employees receiving great benefits packages as part of their employment. We are fortunate to work with hundreds of advisors across Canada who facilitate many of those benefits packages. Benefits Alliance is also connected with partners who provide those services.

This year, we reached out to our membership and have 7 tips and considerations when you’re thinking about your benefits package.

  1. It is so important today to try and make your benefits work with your culture and philosophy – you need to talk the talk and walk the walk to attract and retain — Graham Young, Capcorp Financial
  2. Take time to review your company’s philosophies and assess how those align with the benefits and compensation programs currently offered to your employees. As we know, many are experiencing burnout in the workplace and there is a shortage of applicants applying for available work. Now is a great time to collaborate with your advisor on how to better align your programs with your organization’s vision. — Genny Kelln, CapriCMW Benefits Inc.
  3. One doesn’t invest in a furnace to have a furnace, they buy it to have heat. Similarly, don’t buy Benefits to have Benefits, invest in Benefits to have Healthy, Engaged, Loyal, and Productive employees! — Ed Hofstede, AGA Benefit Solutions
  4. Make sure to implement a policy for employees who go on LTD. Decide how long you intend to keep them on your health & dental plan. We often see 24 months used however you can also simply match Provincial legislation (for example WSIB in Ontario requires at least 12 months). This policy should be part of their employee contract or manual. — Paul Sabat, The Consulting House
  5. Continued communication with your team is key to the success of your Total Rewards Package. We recommend at the very least you have an annual employee meeting to review benefits either virtual or face to face. Work with a Professional Advisor that includes in their process a portfolio of tools to help you communicate the value of your benefits program and leverage technology with personalized messaging to educate employees. Your Advisor is there to provide ongoing support and advocacy for your team, so your entire organization has an expert on their side. — Stacey Frost, Sutton Benefits & Pension
  6. THE GREAT RESIGNATION is now viewed as THE GREAT RESHUFFLE. Choice-based benefits, designed to suit changing demographics is critical: once-size-fits-none! Ensure your Advisor Team truly cares, exudes energy, and passion to protect the integrity of your plan so Employees and Family members enjoy an excellent benefits plan experience! — Pam Hinam, The Winch Group
  7. Employee surveys are helpful to determine the proper coverage for plan design. — Darin French, Calow Benefits Group Inc.