Benefits Alliance Announces Owen & Associates as New Member

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Owen & Associates

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that Owen & Associates has been selected as a new Member Firm.

Owen & Associates brings a unique understanding of the global markets and how to translate those practices into the local Canadian marketplace, including financial, social, emotional and health-related solutions through consulting services.

“As a long-established business that serves both the Canadian and international markets for Group Benefits and Group Retirement, the Owen & Associates team makes a great fit for joining our association,” said Carolyne Eagan, President of Benefits Alliance. “Steven Owen is a very passionate 2nd-generation advisor and leader of his growing organization. He is focused on strategically evolving the business for the future and I think we will learn a lot from Steven & the team. In turn, our members will help collaborate and share unique insights to support the evolution of their company.”

Owen & Associates brings distinctive value by providing services not only to clients but their employees as well. Their outsourced plan administration services function like an extension of HR as a first point of contact for employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

“Benefits Alliance provides an outstanding forum for collaboration and partnership with other similar-minded firms. In the pursuit of ongoing growth and evolution, the BA partnership offers an extensive suite of solutions and perspectives for firms throughout their lifecycle,” said Steven Owen, President, Owen & Associates. “Benefits Alliance’s exciting new advocacy initiatives will bring tremendous value to all Canadians with the constant legislative changes happening in Canadian healthcare. Our entire team, from entry-level positions to senior leadership, thrives on growth and knowledge, and BA provides great development opportunities at all levels of the organization.”

About Owen & Associates

Owen & Associates operates as a leading consultancy and brokerage firm that helps global companies establish and manage comprehensive employee benefit solutions for their Canadian operations. Their unique service structure provides a single point of contact for group benefit and group retirement programs. They offer tailored solutions designed to optimize client outcomes, including benchmarking analysis to assess the programs’ competitiveness, comprehensive design and implementation support, reporting, claims analysis, and renewal negotiations. They prioritize effective employee communication, engagement strategies, payroll support and premium calculations.

About Benefits Alliance

Benefits Alliance is Canada’s leading organization of independent benefits advisory firms. As an industry-leading association, Benefits Alliance focuses on education, collaboration and advocacy by providing our members with tools, resources, and unique proprietary products and services that meet and exceed client expectations. Their members, who are employee benefit and retirement plan specialists work with more than 13,000 employer plan sponsors who collectively have over two million Canadians enrolled in their plans.

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