Benefits Alliance Announces EHN Canada as New Preferred Solutions Provider

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Uncategorized

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that EHN Canada has been selected as a new Preferred Solutions Provider. EHN Canada is a leader in treatment for mental health, trauma, and addiction in Canada, with virtual, outpatient, and inpatient programs across the country. Their goal is to ensure all Canadians have access to care that is accessible, affordable, and excellent.

“Benefits Alliance believes strongly in helping our advisors and plan sponsors have access to vetted solutions to help our plan members through their journey of physical, mental and financial wellness. We welcome EHN Canada to help members who are facing moderate to severe needs when it comes to their wellness journey,” said Carolyne Eagan, President of Benefits Alliance. “EHN Canada has worked diligently with Benefits Alliance to develop a group product & service offering that plan sponsors can offer with insured products and à la carte services. With national support for inpatient and outpatient offerings, our plan sponsors and plan members will have access to the support and treatment needed when they need it most.

More and more employers are recognizing how mental health disorders are impacting their employees and they want to help. Employee Assistance Programs are a great start, but many have been asking if there’s more they can offer. Mental Health Connect was designed by EHN Canada to be that next step. It can help identify struggles earlier on and provide treatment options that allow employees to get back to work sooner.

“Mental health is at the root of many concerns for employers today. It can lead to lost productivity, high turnover rates, and increasing disability costs. EAPs and wellness services are supportive for those struggling with mild symptoms, but they weren’t designed to address the growing number of employees with moderate to severe mental health symptoms that are disrupting their lives and leading to disability,” said Joe Manget, Chair and CEO, EHN Canada. “Benefits Alliance member firms share our passion and innovation in helping others. That’s why we are excited to be joining as a Preferred Solutions Provider. Offering the best treatment to people who need it and being able to intervene early means we can have a more positive impact on workplaces and the health of employees.”

About EHN Canada
EHN Canada is the nation’s largest network of industry-leading mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment facilities, each with a passion for providing quality treatment for Canadians. They are committed to both caring for their patients and supporting their loved ones. Their inpatient, outpatient, and online programs are offered across the country, providing essential compassionate care to patients wherever they are.

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