Benefits Alliance adds OneLife Benefits & Consulting as New Member

by | Jul 5, 2023 | OneLife Benefits

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that OneLife Benefits & Consulting Inc. (OneLife) has been selected as a new member firm. OneLife works together with their clients to create customized benefits solutions that are cost-effective, forward-thinking and sustainable. Their goal is to help elevate their clients’ businesses by understanding what they want and need in a benefits program.


Benefits Alliance Board Chair, Graham Young with Adam Skube and Jill Fratpietro of OneLife Benefits in Ottawa, Ontario

“I am so pleased to welcome Adam Skube and Jill Fratpietro of OneLife Benefits & Consulting to Benefits Alliance. Our vision, mission and values align so well. As a fast-growing company that does not waver from their core focus of caring and supporting their group clients and its members every step of the way, it is clear OneLife is a great new member addition to our growing organization. Adam, Jill and their team have a very dynamic set of talent and knowledge paired with fresh ideas that I know our members will appreciate learning about,” said Carolyne Eagan, President of Benefits Alliance. “Benefits Alliance and its expert advisor members will no doubt share their experiences to help support OneLife on their path of growth and success. I know Adam and Jill will add some new perspectives to the committee work we do, along with being a strong voice to join in our advocacy efforts. Benefits Alliance has a clear mandate of bringing together the best-in-class advisors in this industry and we are excited to welcome OneLife to our organization.”

OneLife feels that the employee benefits industry often strays from putting the client first – and they fully intend on doing things differently within their young, growing firm. They authentically care about their clients and are unwavering in their focus to prioritize their success and well-being.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to network and learn from others in our industry which will help us to elevate our own firm’s value for our clients,” said Adam Skube, Group Benefits Consultant with OneLife. “Each member within BA has their own unique skills and insight – we’re excited to learn from the knowledge and experience of the experts in our industry.”

About OneLife

OneLife Benefits & Consulting is an independent firm based in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in employee benefit and group retirement programs. Why do they do what they do? It’s simple… because they care. Their team is committed to providing unparalleled service and management of each program and staying on top of industry trends in order to provide their clients with clarity and the best-suited solutions.

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