10 Tips from our Members on National Employee Benefits Day

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement

As Benefits advisors, our members often have a unique view on the workplace, particularly when it comes to understanding how to keep employees happy and feeling appreciated. For National Employee Benefits Day, we reached out to our Members for a few tips to pass along.

In no particular order, here’s our Top 10 Employee Engagement Tips:

  1. In a well designed benefit plan, a dollar spent on benefits is more tax efficient and has a higher perceived value for the employees than a dollar spent on base salary. — Martin Papillon, AGA Financial Group
  2. Enjoy and love what you do. The rest will naturally follow. — Ester Scanga, Belay Advisory
  3. The group insurance industry has seen many changes including carrier consolidation, Federal and Provincial legislative changes, and the introduction of new benefit solutions. It is this reason why it is important to work with a group specialist who understands the ever-changing group market. — Debra Dobing, benefitsConnect Inc.
  4. Benchmarking your plan is a great way to find cost efficiency and remain a competitive employer. — Chantell Arsenault, CapriCMW Benefits Inc.
  5. Taking the time to support your team is important. Personal self and professional self are intermixing more than ever with a new work from home environment. Embracing individuality empowers your people and creates a positive/inclusive culture that can link directly to business performance. Health is important. Mental Health is important. Take care of your team with a Health/Benefits plan that means the most to them and is a valuable part of their compensation. #employeeeducation #employeecommunication #employeeengagement #employeeappreciation — Katrina Sinclair, Davis Benefits & Pension Ltd.
  6. Treat others like you like to be treated. Invest in your people with a comprehensive benefit and retirement plan. They are your greatest asset. — John Glynn, Eric Barclay Insurance Services Inc.
  7. When properly structured and communicated, an employee benefit plan is an investment, not an expense. — Keaton Turkiewicz, Green Benefits Group
  8. Don’t underestimate the value of communication especially during this pandemic. Making sure employees understand what their benefit plan covers, especially as it relates to the mental health and well being of both the employees and their families, has never been more important. Knowing their plan will be there for them can give employees peace of mind during these difficult times. — Mark Canduro, MSC Financial Group Inc.
  9. Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. — Bill Zolis, Penmore Callery
  10. Your Employee Benefits – Your Employer Cares – You Should Too. Make sure you know all about your benefits plan. — Richard Mototsune, River Oaks Insurance Ltd.

No matter how near or far our teams are today, the level of engagement should always be valued.  Enjoy today, and every day with your team.