Working remotely: a snapshot

by | Jul 11, 2020 | Take 5 Articles

Almost two out of three employers report that at least 60% of their workforce is working remotely at this time, according to survey results RELEASED BY THE CONFERENCE BOARD OF CANADA ON JUNE 29. Contrast that to before the pandemic, when less than 20% of the workforce was working remotely for nine out of 10 employers.

What are their employers’ plans? In the medium term—that is, until there is a vaccine, effective treatment or the risk is greatly reduced—55% plan to keep at least half of their workforce working remotely. In the long term, 71% of employers are still considering their approach. At the time of the survey in late June, only 16% indicate that at least half of their workforce will continue to work remotely.

The research also asked employers about accommodations made for working from home, such as the use of office equipment and reimbursement for home-office expenses. Go to the WEBSITE for details, or DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF SURVEY RESULTS.

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