The results are in: the 2020 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Take 5 Articles

Good data help inform sound decisions. Best guesses about Canadian health trends and plan member needs don’t cut it. The latest Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey results are in and can help you understand what plan members are looking for from their health benefits plans.

Canada Life™ is a proud sponsor of the 2020 edition of the SANOFI CANADA HEALTHCARE SURVEY, which comprises the responses of 1,500 Canadian plan members and 516 plan sponsors. This year’s survey presents frontline perspectives on a wide range of topics in four main areas: wellness, health benefit plans, prescription drug plans and future considerations. Beyond just delivering the stats, the report boils down the results to the most important areas where you can take action.

Health benefit plan serves its purpose

Here are a few highlights we thought you’d find interesting:

• 86% of plan members agree a wellness culture is an important factor when deciding on a job offer or remaining at an organization.

• 71% are willing to use virtual care, and 53% already use digital health tools.

• 41% of plan members took at least one full sick day due to stress in the past year.

• 70% of plan members live with at least one chronic health condition and/or chronic pain. Of those, 58% say their condition has caused them to miss work or made it harder to do their job.

• The number of members who agree their health benefit plan is a strong incentive to stay with their employer increased by 10 points from 2012 to 2020, from 61% to 71%.

• 18% of plan sponsors increased their maximum amount of coverage for counselling services related to mental health and 25% intend to increase their maximum. The current median annual maximum is $1,011.

Take the guesswork out and use the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey to help guide decisions for your own workforce. Learn more by going to the SANOFI CANADA WEBSITE to access the report. You can also listen to industry leaders present and discuss the key findings during a webinar held in June, and download a PDF of the webinar presentation . Things have changed dramatically due to COVID-19, but one thing has stayed the same – you want to be there for members.

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