The Benefits Alliance Group Selects TELUS Health as Preferred Provider for Preventive Health Assessments

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Partners

Today, The Benefits Alliance Group is proud to announce that it has selected Medisys supported by TELUS Health (“Medisys”) as its preferred provider for preventive health assessments. Through Medisys, an industry leader of comprehensive, preventive and corporate healthcare solutions for more than 30 years, benefits advisors will have access to the necessary tools needed to exceed client expectations.

This strategic collaboration will lever a greater relationship allowing advisors to deliver a broader range of employee benefits and products to group clients. Medisys supported by TELUS Health and The Benefits Alliance Group are committed to working closely with their clients to provide healthcare programs that work for plan sponsors to ensure they have a healthy and productive workforce.

“The Benefits Alliance Group works with firms that are leaders in the Canadian market, providing our advisors unique products at the most competitive prices for their clients. Medisys by TELUS Health will be a key contributor with its national network of clinics and highly skilled healthcare specialists who deliver quality preventive care and resources to all corporate clients,” said Jim Edmands, President of the Benefits Alliance Group. “We are very proud and excited to be launching our relationship with TELUS Health so we can offer our clients products and services by leaders in the industry.”

Medisys was acquired by TELUS Health in 2018 and has continued its development of innovative technology and digital health solutions for employers, their employees, and Canadians across the country. The company’s prime objective is to protect organizations’ most valuable resource – employees and their families. Medisys supported by TELUS Health provides clients, both corporate and individuals, with unparalleled executive and preventive services, employee wellness, occupational health solutions and comprehensive primary care. Through Canada’s largest coast-to-coast network of wholly-owned clinics and with more than 500 healthcare professionals, the company delivers a range of industry-leading clinical services and solutions designed to improve health outcomes that help clients live healthier and safer lives wherever they may be – at work, at home, or abroad.

About TELUS Health and Payment Solutions

TELUS Health is a leader in digital health technology solutions such as home health monitoring, electronic medical and health records, virtual care, benefits and pharmacy management as well as personal emergency response services. TELUS Health is leveraging the power of technology to improve access to care and revolutionize the flow of health information to create better outcomes for Canadians while facilitating collaboration, efficiency and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied healthcare professionals, insurers, employers and citizens. TELUS Payment Solutions complements our health solutions by delivering secure, industry-compliant payment and lending solutions that connect lenders, payors, insurers, extended health care providers and financial institutions to their customers across Canada.

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About the Benefits Alliance Group

The Benefits Alliance Group includes 29 independent member firms and more than 200 advisors with over 7,500 clients. We leverage our size and experience to offer our group clients a qualitatively superior experience. We work intimately with our clients to create plans that are innovative and flexible, delivering cost-effective stability for our clients.