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Benefits Alliance Members work with over 10,000 organizations in Canada that provide benefits to more than 500,000 Canadians. These member advisory firms have helped employer benefit plan sponsors to set up, fund and manage a comprehensive benefits plan for their employees, at considerable cost. 

Benefits Alliance is an industry advocate promoting professionalism and excellence in client service, and from a policy perspective, we want to ensure that all Canadians receive the best advice available. Our mission is to represent the best interests of our clients and their employees. We are committed to continuing education and professional development to ensure our members provide the highest standards of service and excellence.

December, 2022
December, 2022

An Investment Toward Enhanced Consumer Outcomes

Prior to the Financial Professionals Title Protection Act (the Act) anyone could call themselves a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner. The absence of any legal or regulatory control over title use exposed consumers to risk as there were no educational or licensing requirements establishing standards for those holding out, nor safeguards for the use of these titles. The Act ensures that only those who have achieved the appropriate level of education and training, and who are members in good standing of an approved credentialing body will now be able to use the titles, Financial Advisor and Financial Planner. This is a positive outcome for consumers and the industry.


December, 2022
December, 2022

An Investment Toward Enhanced Consumer Outcomes - Professional Supplemental Title “Group Advisor”

The CEBS designation is a credential that is recognized for the depth and relevance of critical knowledge achieved. It draws from the GBA and RPA curriculum to build a total benefits perspective and is achieved by successfully completing all five required courses and passing a final national examination. Successful completion of the CEBS courses and passing the national examinations on each course in the program would qualify an FA or FP to use the CEBS designation and allow for the use of the Supplemental Title – FA, Group Advisor.


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