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Benefits Alliance Members work with over 10,000 organizations in Canada that provide benefits to more than 500,000 Canadians. These member advisory firms have helped employer benefit plan sponsors to set up, fund and manage a comprehensive benefits plan for their employees, at considerable cost. 

Benefits Alliance is an industry advocate promoting professionalism and excellence in client service, and from a policy perspective, we want to ensure that all Canadians receive the best advice available. Our mission is to represent the best interests of our clients and their employees. We are committed to continuing education and professional development to ensure our members provide the highest standards of service and excellence.

December, 2023
December, 2023

The Impact of CAPSA Guidelines for Advisors and their Clients

In this episode of the Benefits Alliance Voice, Carolyne Eagan and Rahim Peera are joined by Jonathan Weisstub and Alex Mazer of Commonwealth. The conversation revolves around the current CAPSA guidelines and the impact of the coming changes.

August, 2022
August, 2022

Submission to CAPSA Guidelines No. 3

We believe that CAPSA Guidelines should recognize the DEI issue in their requirements for plan sponsors to consider. If we aren’t comfortable leading the change, consider how uncomfortable it will be for any visible minority and/or marginalized community to do so.

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Carolyne Eagan

President, Benefits Alliance

Todd Stephen

Advocacy Committee Chair, Benefits Alliance