Rexall Pharmacy Group is Benefit Alliance’s Newest Strategic Partner

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Partners

Today, The Benefits Alliance Group is proud to announce that it has selected Rexall Pharmacy Group as a preferred pharmacy partner. Rexall is a leading drugstore operator with a dynamic history of innovation and growth, dedicated to caring for Canadians’ health… one person at a time. Operating over 400 pharmacies across Canada, Rexall’s 8,500 employees are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and customer service in 180 communities across the country. This Preferred Pharmacy Arrangement is not available in the province of Quebec.

Rexall’s trusted healthcare professionals are there for their patients. Their expertise and healthy everyday products allow their patients to make the right personalized choices for them. They take any hassle out of the equation for their patients by offering assistance throughout the entire process. Rexall’s market-leading services support whole health by offering a number of pharmacy services, including auto prescription refills, home health care, medication refills and the administering of vaccinations. They also provide Diabetes Management Consultation services, as well as Blood Pressure Kiosks and screenings.

“The Benefits Alliance Group works with firms that are leaders in the Canadian market, providing our advisors unique products at the most competitive prices for their clients. Rexall is a nationally recognized brand that will be a key contributor, caring for Canadians health one person at a time,” said Jim Edmands, President of the Benefits Alliance Group. “We are very proud and excited to be launching our relationship with Rexall so we can offer our clients their products and services at unique Benefits Alliance pricing.”

Rexall delivers a seamless member experience and offers a variety of medication management tools and other pharmaceutical services. Members can visit any of the Rexall locations nationwide, provide their prescription information and benefit from the automatically-applied reduced fee. Whether it’s providing flu shots or other services within the expanding scopes of pharmacy care such as making sure the medications are working safely for their patients, Rexall is focused on continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of their patients and customers.

About Rexall Pharmacy Group

Rexall’s history of helping Canadians has endured since the turn of the last century, through the successful evolution of the company from an apothecary-type drugstore to the modern community pharmacies they are today. Rexall in Canada was established in 1904 in the early days of the United Drug Company and quickly established itself as an innovator in retail pharmacy. A lot may have changed over the years, but their commitment to helping Canadian families and communities be healthier has never been stronger. It continues to guide Rexall as they look to the future and increase access to convenient, quality healthcare and products that Canadians can feel good about. For more information, go to

About the Benefits Alliance Group

The Benefits Alliance Group includes 29 Independent Member Firms and more than 200 advisors with over 7,500 clients. We leverage our size and experience to offer our group clients a qualitatively superior experience. We work intimately with our clients to create plans that are innovative and flexible, delivering cost-effective stability for our clients.