Partner Feature: Brian Cruickshank, TELUS Health Virtual Care

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Partners

This week we’re learning more about Brian Cruickshank of TELUS Health Virtual Care

Where are you based, geographically?

The lovely small town of Paris, Ontario

Tell us about your role at TELUS Health Virtual Care?

My role within the TELUS Health Virtual Care team is to support our strategic partnerships. I’m responsible for ensuring that BA members have all the tools, resources and support they need in order to confidently recommend our offering to their clients.

What should BA Members come to you for?

Anything. I’m here to ensure you have a “one front door” approach

What makes TELUS Health Virtual Care unique?

24/7, on-demand care services delivered in English and French, anywhere in Canada. All guided by the human touch of our care advocates and clinicians.

How long have you been partnered with BA and/or working with BA member firms?

I’ve been working with member firms for 14 years now during my time with Desjardins and Empire Life. In most recent years I have been responsible for managing the overall BA partnership as well and I’m excited to continue working with BA and it’s members as part of the TELUS Health Virtual Care team

What advice would you give to a BA Member to get the best experience with TELUS Health Virtual Care for their clients?

I’d suggest getting to know what we offer and how we are differentiated from other Virtual Care, EFAP and dCBT solutions

What is a memorable piece of advice you’ve learned in your career?

Be kind, be honest, be a good listener, be a team player, and be responsive.

Where do you see your industry going in the next 5 to 10 years?

Those who continue to innovate and adapt will succeed


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