Partner Feature: Brenda Briddie, AETNA International

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Partners

This week we’re learning more about Brenda Briddie of AETNA International

Where are you based, geographically?


Tell us about your role at AETNA International?

Sales Executive – Territory Ontario (excluding Ottawa), Manitoba & Saskatchewan

What should BA Members come to you for?

Global Benefits inquiries (Medical, Dental, Life, Disability and Business Travel coverage)

What makes AETNA International unique?

Our focus on a superior Plan Member experience, having extensive worldwide Provider Networks and the experience and understanding of benefit related Compliance rules and laws worldwide.

How long have you been partnered with BA and/or working with BA member firms?

Approx 6 months

What advice would you give to a BA Member to get the best experience with AETNA International for their clients?

Try to obtain a good understanding of their clients needs for Global benefits so that we can assist them in finding solid, reliable, Plan sponsor and plan member solutions.

What is a memorable piece of advice you’ve learned in your career?

Relationship building is the key to success!

Where do you see your industry going in the next 5 to 10 years?

We have already seen a resurgence of Business and beginning to see re deployments of Expat assignments as well as new ones. I expect the need for this coverage to continue to grow in the years to come. Duty of Care is of utmost importance to employers for both their Employees working in Canada and outside of Canada on business related trips and therefore the need to provide benefits for ALL employees will always be important.


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