New Member Spotlight: Roger Thorpe

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Benefits Alliance Member, Benefits Alliance Spotlight

This week we’re learning more about Roger Thorpe at thorpebenefits

What is your name?

Roger Thorpe

What is the name of your firm?


Where in Canada are you based?

Toronto.  Licensed in ON/BC/Alb

What does Thorpe Benefits specialize in?

Group benefits and wellness

Please introduce yourself in 10 words or less.

I am obsessed with ROI and delivering value.

How did you get started in the group business?

Worked at first with UNUM as a disability rep in 1993.  Then went to work with my dad in 1997 to help expand our benefits practice.

How long have you been an advisor?

Licensed since 1992 but in private production since 1997.  Just over 25 years.

Share with us a particular moment that made you proud to be an advisor.

When I realized that our company is known as a great place to work and that our clients truly appreciate the work that we do.  Very fulfilling.

What was your main reason for wanting to join BA?

The learn and to share.  We are on a quest to grow and I want to surround my team with like-minded people that have the same objective.

What excites you most about your new BA membership?

The people I will meet and that I will continue to raise the bar on our knowledge for what we do.

What are your goals for the next year?

Continue to build out our sales system and to increase and focus our marketing investments more strategically.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Everything and the variety it allows.  Sales/marketing, management, entrepreneurship, finances.  The creative approaches to operations/services and how we present our value proposition to the market.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Learn to say no.

What is a recent book or movie that you would recommend?

Four Thousand Weeks

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Sports or exercise (skiing, tennis, riding, the gym)