Meet Our Speaker: Christine Wyatt

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Inspire & Elevate Fall 2022

Christine, what is the name of your presentation?

Partnership driven innovation

Why does your topic mean something to you?

Innovation without a clear strategy or problem to solve is just an idea.

What is a key takeaway you’re hoping the audience leaves with?

Technology and innovation can be leveraged in many different ways. There is no one size fits all for all advisors or customers.

What’s a question you hope to be asked following your session?

What has been or is the key to success when driving innovation within an organization?

What is something people should know about you?

I spend the majority of my time focused on technology – but my passion is culture. Culture drives strategy and strategy drives innovation.

Anything else you’d like to add for people attending the conference?

The theme of the conference is pivot and adapt which seems to be all we’ve done in the past few years. I hope it’s also reinforced the importance of connection and a re-commitment to our core business.