How you can support members’ mental health during the pandemic—for free

by | May 15, 2020 | Take 5 Articles

Things have changed dramatically due to COVID-19, but one thing has stayed the same – you want to be there for members.

WORKPLACE STRATEGIES FOR MENTAL HEALTH (Workplace Strategies) from Canada Life is here with online resources for you and members, so we can all help each other with physical distancing.

Workplace Strategies is here to help with evidence-based and practical tips, tools and resources. The great news is that everything on the WEBSITE is free to anyone, in English and French.

Workplace Strategies focuses on individual, leadership and workplace factors that can affect psychological health or safety. For example, work-related stress is recognized as a global issue that negatively impacts employees and organizations. Workplace Strategies offers a wealth of information and resources so that employers and employees can address stress and other psychosocial hazards can in the workplace.

Use the drop-down menus on the site to find the materials you need to help yourself, your team and the workplace with issues such as:

  • Burnout, conflict, bullying and harassment;
  • Depression, anxiety, grief and other conditions;
  • Caregiving responsibilities and work expectations;
  • Returning to work and accommodation; and
  • Approaches to psychologically safe terminations, supportive performance management and other effective strategies for leaders.

Workplace Strategies’ Director of Strategy and Collaboration is Mary Ann Baynton. Her areas of expertise include workplace mental health, psychological safety, resolving conflict, team building and addressing performance concerns. Her collaboration with experts, researchers and organizations continually enhance the value of the website’s resources. “The work of Workplace Strategies is about optimizing the energy of all employees, not just those dealing with mental illness,” says Baynton.

As a large employer and a leading provider of group benefits in Canada, Canada Life sees the significant impact mental health issues can have on the workplace, including on overall well-being, absenteeism and disability. With this firsthand knowledge, the company has supported research and projects into mental health in the workplace since 2003 and established Workplace Strategies (formerly the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace) in 2007.

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