Helping You Navigate Mental Health Resources

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Health and Wellness

By: Christine MacDonald

The Mental Health Committee created a resource guide to help Benefit Alliance Advisors. Employee mental health is critical to having a healthy and productive workforce. We are seeing post covid that the cost of leaves from work due to mental illness are double the cost of disability leave for physical illness. It is time to get talking!

First, we need to understand; what is Mental Health? We have resources available to help our clients get comfortable and ask the right questions.

Second, how to approach the topic in their organization? Create a mental health strategy.  Leaders need to demonstrate their sensitivity and knowledge to create the best atmosphere. Not only will this create the employer brand needed in this economy to attract and retain talent; it will help drive initiatives to focus on wellness and preventative measures that will reduce absenteeism and create positive healthy environments.

And finally third, what options are available to help support their strategy?

We can help set up:

  • Education and Mental Health training
  • Employee and Family Assistance Programs
  • Virtual services
  • Webinars

This industry is ever-changing with lots of options becoming available across the country. Talking to your advisor means you can access a long list of services to meet all levels of mental health care for your employees.

This post was authored by Christine MacDonald, a Group Benefits Advisor and the Chair of the Benefits Alliance Mental Health Committee. She has been instrumental in coordinating the Mental Health resources available from Benefits Alliance Partners and beyond. This resource evolves quarterly and is designed for Group Benefit Advisors, Employers and anyone who is looking for support in their Mental Health journey.