GSC was founded in 1957 with a mission to help Canadians get access to the health care they needed. Today, we continue this mission as a social enterprise, committed to making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives.

Making a difference in the places we live and work. As our organization has grown, so has the scale of our impact on Canadian communities. Our multifaceted approach to giving allows us to create positive impacts on the lives of Canadians, while also pushing for systemic change that makes it easier for people to live their healthiest lives.

Helping fill the gap in Canadian dental care 1 in 3 Canadians have no coverage for dental care. We want to fill that gap – for good. Through our Green Door Project, we’re helping frontline clinics provide no-cost dental care to those in need, and supporting research that will identify the impacts of access to dental care. Together with our partners, we’re building a healthier future for all.

Benefits Alliance is Proud to Partner with GSC

The Benefits Alliance Group includes Canadian independent member firms and more than 200 advisors with over 7,500 clients. We focus on offering our group clients a qualitatively superior experience that includes services offered by our alliance partners. We work intimately with our clients to create plans that are innovative and flexible, delivering cost-effective stability for our clients.