Going Beyond Business: Capcorp’s Fill the Foyer

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Beyond Business

We love to see our members going above and beyond in their communities! For years, we know many of our advisors and their firms have been going beyond business and this holiday season we’ve asked Graham Young to tell us about Capcorp’s Fill the Foyer to support the Ottawa Food Bank.

Capcorp Fill the Foyer supports the Ottawa Food Bank

Tell us about Fill the Foyer, and the cause it supports.

FTF is Capcorp’s way of banning together with our clients to support the Ottawa Food Bank.  Our organization is built to do the heavy lifting for our clients and we realized early on that a little help from us can get a lot of help pulled together from our clients and community for the food bank.  We organize the delivery of boxes to any company that wishes to support the initiative and for every food item that is collected, Capcorp donates one dollar to the food bank.  We also have a unique donor portal through the food bank and we match every dollar that is contributed by our clients and friends.

How many years has Fill the Foyer been running?

This is the 10th anniversary of FTF.

Capcorp Fill the Foyer supports the Ottawa Food Bank

What’s been a memorable highlight of Fill the Foyer?

The sheer volume of food that we handle.  By the end of our campaign this year, we had over 100 boxes of food to go to the food bank.  Our team counts and tracks all food items  – and we even pick up boxes throughout the city to make it super easy for donations!

How is the CapCorp team involved?

We have a whole team who coordinate social media marketing, communications support for clients’ HR teams to disburse, and the logistics of box/donation tracking and pick-ups.  We have a committee of 7 employees to support this initiative.  They start planning it in the summer of each year.

What is your goal for Fill the Foyer next year?

Our goal is always the same each year – enable more businesses and their employees to join us in supporting the food bank.

How could someone reading this participate or support?

Our campaign has wrapped up for the year – but give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram to participate next year.  That being said, we always hope that the underlying message is that food banks across the country need support any time – not just in the holiday season.  We encourage everyone to support your local food bank all year round.  One of the things our team does is every summer we volunteer on the Ottawa Food Bank farm harvesting fruits and veggies!

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