Benefits Alliance Announces Willful as New Preferred Solutions Provider

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Willful

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that Willful has been selected as a new Preferred Solutions Provider with the goal of providing member firms access to an online estate planning platform that is affordable, convenient and easy to use.

“Benefits Alliance is passionate about helping Canadians achieve increased financial wellness. There are so many Canadians that do not have a will in place at the time of passing and I am sure we can all tell stories of the unintended difficulties and hardships that this causes families. Plan members appreciate when plan sponsors can provide education and solutions that make it easier for them to protect themselves and their families,” said Carolyne Eagan, President of Benefits Alliance. “Having this option included in a group plan will help drive awareness and will result in more Canadians have something in place that may bring peace of mind and a smooth experience for families during one of the hardest times of their life, following the passing of a loved one. We look forward to working with Willful to share this option with our plan sponsors and their plan members.

Both Benefits Alliance and Willful are committed to furthering Canadians’ financial wellness, and through this partnership can provide the education and tools needed to provide peace of mind for employees and their families.

“My husband and I founded Willful after we lost a loved one and saw how difficult it is to wrap up someone’s life when they haven’t put proper end-of-life plans in place. Our mission at Willful is to make it affordable, easy, and convenient to get a will and other estate planning documents in place, all from the comfort of home,” said Erin Bury, co-founder and CEO, Willful. “We’re thrilled to partner with Benefits Alliance to empower teams across the country to check ‘get a will’ off their to-do list in 2023.”

About Willful

An online, do-it-yourself platform, Willful breaks down the estate planning process into simple steps, allowing for the creation of a last will and testament and power of attorney documents in 20 minutes or less. Willful documents are approved by lawyers in your province so you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your estate plan is legally-secure. They worked with experienced estate lawyers to create a seamless experience to help cover all the bases. After answering the questions provided, their technology customizes legal documents to best represent those wishes while avoiding common errors and contradictions.

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