Benefits Alliance Announces Thorpe Benefits as New Member

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Thorpe Benefits

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that Thorpe Benefits has been selected as a new member firm. Thorpe Benefits are senior specialists in Group Benefits with an in-depth understanding of this complex category and all the available options. They provide unparalleled advice and have the knowledge, experience and resources in the Group Benefits area to help assess every plan.

“As we continue to grow our organization and seek out unique group practices to join Benefits Alliance, I was very intrigued to learn of Thorpe Benefits led by Roger Thorpe. His practice is strategically built on a model that offers a very high and proactive level of service and wellness solutions,” said Carolyne Eagan, President of Benefits Alliance. “In a world where it is rare for clients to experience the pleasure of proactive and meaningful personalized service, no doubt this puts Thorpe Benefits in a position of offering a unique value proposition. It is with great pleasure that I welcome Roger and the team at Thorpe Benefits to Benefits Alliance.”

Thorpe Benefits are experts in the area of Wellness. They can do everything from assessing and adapting current initiatives to building an effective long-term solution from scratch. Their approach to Wellness is holistic, focusing on three important areas: physical health, mental health and organizational health. The team at Thorpe Benefits understands that their clients depend on them for specialized advice and counsel and they use a process that is not only streamlined, but also effective in terms of costs and action.

“We’re excited to join a platform from which we can continue to learn,” said Roger Thorpe, President of Thorpe Benefits. “This is an opportunity to enhance our existing expertise and business model while learning and sharing with some of the best in the benefits industry.”

About Thorpe Benefits

Thorpe Benefits is an integrated benefits and wellness consulting company. While focused on the overall strategy, design, communication, and plan management of employee benefits, they challenge their clients to address health promotion as a longer-term business strategy. Clients hire Thorpe Benefits as a specialized advisor and partner – most often as an upgrade to original broker relationships that they have outgrown. Their clients had often noticed symptoms of neglect and missed opportunities – which made them realize it was time for a change to a consultant that is results-based and transparent with the returns on invested commissions/fees.

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