Benefits Alliance Announces Pocketpills as New Preferred Solutions Provider

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Pocketpills

Benefits Alliance is proud to announce that Pocketpills has been selected as a new Preferred Solutions Provider with the goal of providing member firms access to their innovative online pharmacy platform that is revolutionizing the way prescription medications are obtained and managed. Benefits Alliance and Pocketpills will work together to help reduce and control the cost of prescriptions for plan sponsors, ensuring their coverage levels are sustainable.

“Benefits Alliance is excited about the opportunity that Pocketpills presents to clients of our members,” said Glenn Kehrer, Chair, Group Benefits Committee. “Their unique, no-cost pharmacy benefits program enhances both the coverage for our clients with savings for the plan member, as well as savings for the business as a whole. I look forward to expanding this relationship.

Together, Benefits Alliance and Pocketpills will streamline the prescription fulfillment process, improve medication adherence, enhance the overall member experience starting with frictionless onboarding, and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for plan members. This partnership is a significant step forward in modernizing the fulfillment and delivery of prescription medications within the employee benefits landscape. Used by 30,000+ businesses, Pocketpills’ unique platform can help improve employee health and reduce absenteeism by ensuring that teams can access the pharmacy services they need, no matter where they live.

“We are excited to join forces with Benefits Alliance to help plan sponsors control the cost of prescription medication,” said Raj Gulia, CEO, Pocketpills. “Our mission at Pocketpills has always been to provide more accessible and affordable medication to Canadians, and this partnership allows us to extend our reach and offer a digital pharmacy experience to Benefits Alliance’s valued plan members.”

About Pocketpills
By combining technology and personalized service, Pocketpills is improving the way prescriptions are filled, delivered, and managed. Established by two pharmacists and an engineer in 2018, Pocketpills is Canada’s first full-service digital pharmacy, formed with the vision of making medication management simple. No more sorting pills or chasing refills—Pocketpills’ solution is an end-to-end system that puts members first. Through an easy-to-use online platform, members can access the pharmacy whenever they want, wherever they are.

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