BA Spotlight: David Tweneboah

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Benefits Alliance Spotlight

This week we’re learning more about David Tweneboah at EHN Canada

Where in Canada are you based?

North York, Ontario

Please introduce yourself in 10 words or less.

I’m a passionate person who loves to connect with others.

Which Member Firm do you work with?

EHN Canada

What excites you about being an advisor?

My favorite part of my job is thinking through problems, connecting the dots and creating better systems and solutions for people to have more access to care. Then doing it all over again because there is always room for improvement.

How do you define success?

Success is the feeling of overwhelming joy when your efforts are recognized for their importance. This feeling is fueled by the the joy your efforts brought others, and the struggles you faced to accomplish your feats.

What are the biggest challenges to being an entrepreneur?

Finding the balance between working in vs on the business, and staying competitive as a boutique firm amid increasing industry consolidation.

How do you manage work/life balance?

I dedicate myself to my time for work, friends and family. When I am working, I am dedicated to my tasks and the team. When I am not working, I am dedicated to my friends and family. For me, it is about compartmentalizing.

What books/resources do you recommend that every business person should check out?

The New Successful Large Account Management by Robert B. Miller and Stephen E. Heiman, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

If your friends/family/colleagues were to give you an award, what would it be for?

I believe they would give me an award for Individualization. Many of my relationships are based on unlikely connections, however, I always seem to find a shared passion in which to build upon.

If someone would make a documentary about you, what would be the title?

From David to Dave. A story of one man living two lives on and off the clock.



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