5 for Humanity – Darren Radies & Fairfield Watson

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Take 5 Articles

We are proud to showcase our member firms and advisors who are going Beyond the Business to help support their community and local causes.


Who: Darren Radies, Fairfield Watson
Where: Calgary, AB
Supporting: Kindred Family Charities
Duration: December
It started with a cancer diagnosis and fundraising efforts for Darren. That’s when he really saw how amazing the community in Calgary was to those in need. As soon as he was armed with a healthy diagnosis, Darren wanted to pay it forward and see if ‘5 for Humanity’ could be bigger.

The $5,000 that was raised in the spring of 2021 grew to over $60,000 last Christmas!

“This has grown far beyond me and has been incredibly rewarding,” says Darren.

The potential for growth (Fairfield Watson matches donations) is unique. Each fundraiser starts with Darren’s own $5,000 donation and then grows with family, colleagues, connections and you.

Donations will be accepted through the month of December 2022. They have currently raised over $10,000. You can donate and track progress here.


For others who are looking to make an impact in their communities, Darren’s advice is simple, “get started. If there’s something you want to do in your community, start finding events to attend and learn about what’s happening. The right opportunity will appear.”