Alliance Pharmacy Advisor Directory – March 2019

How does Alliance Pharmacy Group benefit my clients?

  • Lower price files help reduce prescription drug costs which are one of the key components of most benefit plans.
  • Free overnight business day courier service means prescription fills are conveniently accessed by any plan member across Canada.
  • MedPack enables better medication adherence which supports a healthier workforce.

How does BA benefit from Alliance Pharmacy Group?

  • APG’s price files and service model are part of the Benefits Alliance competitive advantage across Canada in both urban and rural settings.
  • Through its communication materials and direct staff involvement, APG actively supports advisors and plan sponsor administrators from implementation onwards.
  • Utilization Reports are available to help advisors track APG utilization and trends.
  • Because of our unique relationship with the Alliance Pharmacy Group. The Benefits Alliance Group is able to generate an alternative revenue source that benefits the entire organization.

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